Watch Malou 1981 movie

  • Title: Malou
  • Release year: 1981
  • Director: Jeanine Meerapfel
  • Actors: Reinhard Vom Bauer, Michael Böhme, Margarita Calahorra, Ingrid Caven, Peter Chatel, Marie Colbin, Ivan Desny, Carl Duering, Annemarie Geyer, Helmut Griem, Jeanine Meerapfel
  • Movie length: 95 min.
  • Movie genres: Biography; Drama; Romance

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Malou is one of the best films of 1981 with such famous actors like Ingrid Caven, Peter Chatel, Helmut Griem who are playing their roles so wonderful. You should just stop looking for something else if you are interested in spending a pleasurable evening alone or with your friends watching the Drama action. One of best of them is right here! Length of the action is 95 min and you would for sure drown in the world of impressions that Ingrid Caven and other actors of the action are showing you during this time. Thank you so much and pleasant view.

Now just better stop looking for other movies in Drama niche because one of the most exciting of all, Malou is right here! It is truth that this is one of the greatest of films of 1981 with nice playing of Ingrid Caven, Peter Chatel, Helmut Griem and with Ingrid Caven in the main role. The great story is shown here and you should just get tons of pleasurable and so nice time examining Malou. You would not definitely regret about this choice. Running time: 95 min. We are sure, you would get pleasure from the film!

Wov! What a picture. Stunning story line, acting, romance and, the most critical, bigger than life picture. I like the way it is associated with past and our future. Ending gonna blow off your mind for sure. Must watch picture for Drama fanatics.

I think you 100% will enjoy Malou action. Thanks. :)

The flick provides interesting and well made plot, but, it's hardly innovative.

Malou film was made in 1981 and it belongs to Drama category. Such good actors as Margarita Calahorra, Carl Duering, Ingrid Caven, Ivan Desny make this Drama film fantastic. Conclusion, Malou is one of the hottest film in Drama style in 1981. Such actors like Margarita Calahorra, Carl Duering, Ingrid Caven, Ivan Desny made this fantastic movie even more better. Movie length: 95 min.

Interested in having nice time with some Drama movie? Watch Malou with Margarita Calahorra in main role and other well-known actors like: Margarita Calahorra, Carl Duering, Ingrid Caven, Ivan Desny and you would not regret about making this choice. This is one of the most impressive and best of all films in 1981 and we strongly recommend you to check it up right now. The duration of the film is 95 mins and you would regret a little bit that it lasts no longer.

Wov! What a movie. Great plot, acting, romance and, most important, bigger than your life movie. I enjoy the way its connected with past times and distant future. Ending will blow off your mind completely. Must watch movie for Drama fans.

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