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  • Title: Salome
  • Release year: 1922
  • Movie genres: Biography; Drama; History
  • Director: Charles Bryant
  • Actors: Alla Nazimova, Nigel De Brulier, Mitchell Lewis, Rose Dione, Earl Schenck, Arthur Jasmine, Frederick Peters, Louis Dumar, Charles Bryant
  • Movie length: 72 min.

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If you are so crazy about Biography films with lots of great action then Salome is the best film for you.

Salome film belongs to Biography genre and was created in 1922. 8) Dynamic character of Salome will make you feel good while watching this film. You may watch it with friends online. Such stars like Rose Dione, Nigel De Brulier, Charles Bryant made the film truly nice. Yes, Salome film is truly one of the hottest film in Biography genre in 1922. Movie time is 72 minutes.

Salome is one of the worth of all movies in Biography genre that I have examined and I just do not want to recommend it to anyone! Of course, if you have 72 min of free time and have not got any imagination about what to do then you could watching the film, but not in other cases. This is the full of actors who act in the action their average roles: Rose Dione, Nigel De Brulier, Charles Bryant. So, We are sure it is one of the most boring of all Biography movies in the year 1922. And so only if you have not got any imagination about how to spend your free night then watch it.

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One of the tedious movies in the world, Salome is before you right now! This action is from year 1922 and it would not impress you at all. Running time of the boring action is 72 minutes with not interesting acting of not bad actors like Mitchell Lewis, Rose Dione, Louis Dumar, Alla Nazimova, Frederick Peters. The director was not good at all too, some scenes are very long and some are very short. We think that this is one of the worst movies of History category in the whole Universe! Salome is a amazing flick exclusively for fans of Mitchell Lewis, Rose Dione, Louis Dumar, Alla Nazimova, Frederick Peters. Mind blowing effects, very well written, good direction, and good acted. 1922 is so rich for impressive actions and Salome is the best of these actions that you shouldn't be against of seeing! It is cool for all participants of family and that is why you could enjoy seeing it alone, with your buddies or with the participants of the family. Mitchell Lewis, Rose Dione, Louis Dumar, Alla Nazimova, Frederick Peters act their roles so nicely and so realistic that you would live their lives. So, if you are a real fan of History actions then this is the one that you shouldn't miss an opportunity of seeing now. The duration of this tape is 72 minutes. Hey? Still waiting? We know that you will gonna take pleasure in this action.