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  • Title: Santaj
  • Release year: 1982
  • Director: Geo Saizescu
  • Actors: Ileana Stana Ionescu, Sebastian Papaiani, Silviu Stanculescu, Ioana Bulca, Enikõ, Szilágyi, Ion Besoiu, Octavian Cotescu, Mircea Septilici, Amza Pellea, Cristian Stefanescu, Geo Saizescu
  • Movie length: 90 min.
  • Movie genres: Thriller

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Nice acting, fantastic film and indescribable acting. Deserves a sequel and even a remake with new modern tech. It's humorous and has a really nice visual style, with Sebastian Papaiani playing in the film. Sebastian Papaiani, Szilágyi have done an excellent job acting in this movie. The engaging movie created in Thriller category, produced in late 1982. Santaj movie has a really good cast, some really good production. Hope that you 100% will get pleasure from this show. 8) Bookmark this link and share.

Bored with flat free time? Want to spend tons of great time watching some cool Thriller action? Then you could listen to our piece of advice and start with watching Santaj. The action is about very interesting and so fascinating story that would not leave you indifferent. You would drown into the world of emotional experience, emotions and passions. We are almost absolutely sure that you will love this action so much and Santaj would become one of your favorite movies in the Thriller category too. Main actors: Ioana Bulca, Octavian Cotescu, Amza Pellea, Sebastian Papaiani, Ileana Stana Ionescu. Length: 90 minutes. This film will gonna blow your day in pieces. What do you believe why Santaj from Thriller category got the average mark from us? Because it is really average and there are not many interesting things to watch in it. But if you have got a lot of boring time and interested to waste 90 minutes of it then this movie of year 1982 is your opportunity to spend it in more delightful way. But if telling the truth, the acting of Ioana Bulca in main role and outstanding Ioana Bulca, Octavian Cotescu, Amza Pellea, Sebastian Papaiani, Ileana Stana Ionescu in other roles isn't impressive and believable at all. Maybe the best fun I've had while watching a movie in many years. Yes, the action pressure was number one, but it was certainly worth the watch. Sure, there were incredible, questionable, even worthless moments, but nevertheless, it was not a bad movie. Why 9 stars instead of, say, 10? Because, over the past few years, there's been so many perhaps fair movies that it is good to finally find out one that deserves your while. 100% recommended! I think that you will love this movie. It is just my point of view.