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  • Title: Dixiana
  • Release year: 1930
  • Director: Luther Reed
  • Actors: Bebe Daniels, Everett Marshall, Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Joseph Cawthorn, Jobyna Howland, Dorothy Lee, Ralf Harolde, Bill Robinson, Luther Reed
  • Movie length: 100 min.
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Drama; Music; Romance

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Nothing could stop you from examining Dixiana if you want to watch one of the best of all films in Romance niche. The movie of 1930 with catchy producing of wonderful director and great convictive actor play of well-known actors like: Bebe Daniels, Bill Robinson, Ralf Harolde, Bert Wheeler and Bebe Daniels in a main role makes Dixiana looking so cool and so impressive. The length of the movie is 100 minutes and you would feel a little bit disappointed about the end of the movie because it is so amazing. You will certainly like it very much, we give you 100% guarantee about that. This film provides great and good made story, but, it is hardly new. There are tons of interesting films in Romance niche that were produced in 1930 but we are sure that Dixiana is one of the best of them all! And you should just watch all things that wait for you to be seen here and there are no hesitations that you would not stay indifferent or other things like that. Length of Dixiana is 100 minutes. Such well-known actors like Bebe Daniels, Bill Robinson, Ralf Harolde, Bert Wheeler are acting here and their acting is convincing. The director definitely made right choice with Bebe Daniels that is the actor of the main role of the movie and makes it looks unordinary and great. ;-) I think that you 100% will fall in love in Dixiana movie. Welcome.

This film is a pretty cool movie, that filled with lots of fantastic action.

If you are a fan of a Comedy movies then you should get congratulations cause you have just found one of the best films ever in this category. The movie Dixiana of 1930 year. Starring Robert Woolsey, Joseph Cawthorn, Ralf Harolde, Bebe Daniels are playing their roles exciting and there are some moment you even forget that it is film and start perceive it like a real world. Of course, some moments are very long and there are sometimes a boring and unnecessary dialogs too and that is why the length of the film is 100 minutes. Watch Dixiana now and we hope you will love it.

Filming is well done with crazy areas and an attractive actors and an unforgettable writing could be bad? Well if you believe that Robert Woolsey make things that show on the movie you maybe is mad! The cool thing in this Dixiana movie is interesting to watch! Though Robert Woolsey is very funny and makes better the flick, but the actor is a bit strange.

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