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  • Title: Emanuelle e Lolita
  • Release year: 1976
  • Movie genres: Adult
  • Director: Henri Sala
  • Actors: Nieves Navarro, Thiwa Yuporn, Philippe Gasté, Richard Darbois, Adrienne Delorme, Henri Sala
  • Movie length: 83 min.

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It's a right movie exclusively for fans of Philippe Gasté, Nieves Navarro, Adrienne Delorme, Henri Sala. Great 3d effects, well written, cool direction, and well acted. Don't base your decision to watch this flick off the bad reviews! The plot of the flick is excellent as well as the script twist ending, however it could have been filmed much better. Don't waste time examining this action, Emanuelle e Lolita because it is the worst of movies of Adult genre. Emanuelle e Lolita is produced in 1976 year and it did not make a lot of money or got high ratings because the level of the action is lower than average. Even not bad acting of Philippe Gasté does not make it better. But, of course, if you don't know what to do and don't want to think about anything then you are able to waste 83 minutes of life on Emanuelle e Lolita. I hope you 100% will love Emanuelle e Lolita action. Thank you. ;)

Interesting flick. Emanuelle e Lolita at least is a something fantastic or innovative in 1976.

Emanuelle e Lolita is a very flat film. In our opinion, one of the worst actions of 1976. The duration is 83 m of boring content with unrealistic play of Thiwa Yuporn and all other Thiwa Yuporn, Philippe Gasté, Nieves Navarro, Richard Darbois, Henri Sala. You don't believe in what they are doing, it is impossible to believe in speeches of theirs, you don't believe in feelings that they are acting. We can say with 100% confidence that Emanuelle e Lolita is one of the most tedious and unimpressive actions in Adult. The rates of the movie are so low. Watch the movie if you don't know what to do and just to spend 83 m of your life.

Absolutely worth streaming it, if you are a fanatic or Adult genre and this picture is indeed worth to watch, truly enjoy it . Sure every great picture always has got some problems with it but just small problem can close eyes and let it go. Going to watch it more later.

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