Watch Riot In Juvenile Prison 1959 full movie

  • Title: Riot in Juvenile Prison
  • Release year: 1959
  • Director: Edward L. Cahn
  • Actors: Jerome Thor, Marcia Henderson, Scott Marlowe, John Hoyt, Virginia Aldridge, Dorothy Provine, Richard Tyler, Jack Grinnage, Ann Doran, Craig Slocum, Edward L. Cahn
  • Movie length: 71 min.
  • Movie genres: Crime; Drama; Thriller

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Not much you may find that's not right with this picture. It's completely the absolutely best picture in Thriller genre that the movie company has been building up to for recent 20 years. And those that pretend it didn't have an end as a positive. Riot in Juvenile Prison movie belongs to Thriller genre and was released in 1959. Dorothy Provine is one of my loved actors (who does not enjoy Dorothy Provine?) and this was the main reason why I wanted to check this movie. Dorothy Provine was the actor who has magic, who has his own reality. Yes, Riot in Juvenile Prison movie is a really one of the best movie in Thriller genre in 1959. Movie time is 71 mins. This movie line was the innovational in 1959. Excellent music, top-quality picture. :) We know that you 100% will like Riot in Juvenile Prison flick. Welcome.