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  • Title: The Thrill Killers
  • Release year: 1964
  • Director: Ray Dennis Steckler
  • Actors: Ray Dennis Steckler, Liz Renay, Joseph Bardo, Carolyn Brandt, Gary Kent, Herb Robins, Keith O'Brien, Laura Benedict, Ron Burr, Titus Moede, Ray Dennis Steckler
  • Movie length: 70 min.
  • Movie genres: Horror; Action; Crime; Thriller

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We are sure that the show of 1964 and with duration of 70 minutes would be added to your home video collection and that you will watch it some more times after watching it now. You are a lucky man because you came to right place, the place where you would find the Action film that you will like so much! The Thrill Killers is produced by right people who certainly know what is what in making wonderful films and Gary Kent, Carolyn Brandt, Ray Dennis Steckler, Keith O'Brien, Ray Dennis Steckler here all look so cool and on right place. You found good movie to watch right now. This is just insane! If you did not see this film yet then you should download it. Open your eyes to this insane story. The Thrill Killers will be very fascinating for all real lovers of Action genre. It is so nice and so impressive and everything here looks very cool. Here u will find cool acting of your favorite actors like Gary Kent, Carolyn Brandt, Ray Dennis Steckler, Keith O'Brien, Ray Dennis Steckler who are 100% professionals and definitely know the class in acting. Yes, some scenes are long and uninteresting and that is why the duration of the movie in 70 minutes. But this is the issue of director of the action, nor the actors. So, if u want to see some average a little bit long movie of year 1964 then The Thrill Killers is right before u! Overall it is a really fun movie. Don't wait an awesome storyline or good acting or a good manuscript because that's not what this flick is about. If you just need to sit down and watch a movie on a Friday night just to have a peaceful moment then this can be a good option. I think that you will love this movie. It is just my imho.

The Thrill Killers movie is a really decent movie, filled with much of fantastic action.

Do you love to watch films in Action category? If your answer is affirmative then you should just better start spending tons of delightful time with The Thrill Killers, the best film of the category in 1964. Ray Dennis Steckler in the main role here looks so great and the acting of other actors like: Ray Dennis Steckler, Ray Dennis Steckler, Laura Benedict, Ron Burr, Liz Renay is very exciting too. The film length is: 70 mins. We are sure and can tell with 100% confidence that u would love all things that take place here.

1964 is very rich for wonderful movies and The Thrill Killers is the best of these movies that u shouldn't be against of watching! It is really cool for all participants of family and that is why u could start getting tons of delight watching it alone, with your friends or with the participants of the family. Ray Dennis Steckler, Ray Dennis Steckler, Laura Benedict, Ron Burr, Liz Renay are playing their roles so nicely and so realistic that u would live their lives. So, if u are a real fan of Action movies then this is the one that u shouldn't miss a chance of watching now. The length of this tape is 70 mins.

Why was the film good? I think it's a really fair flick, it was not dumb, there were surprises in plot, its spirit is actually cool. I liked it!

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